Education & Outreach

Education - Singers are smart!

Chorus participation helps children develop in many ways. Research consistently shows that music education improves a child’s academic abilities in reading and math. Music education also teaches discipline, perseverance, teamwork, dependability, and pride in results.

Our singers learn to model the behaviors needed for success in life. In addition, the Chorus uses its music in service to the community. Through its numerous outreach programs, our young singers perform for thousands of people each year, in venues ranging from the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, to the Holocaust Museum in St. Petersburg, to many local senior living facilities.

In an effort to entertain and connect with our elderly population, TBCC performs at several assisted living and senior centers each year. This year’s performances include John Knox Village, University Village, Grand Court, and Sun City Center. The concerts, which include a sing-along, have been well received by all. After each performance, there is a social hour, giving the singers the chance to mingle and converse with the residents.

While studying music and participating in TBCC performances, children develop musical artistry, poise, confidence, and self-discipline in a caring and supportive environment through study, practice and performance.

Many studies have shown that the study of music has a trans-formative power for young children, tweens, and teens, that carries into adulthood.

Musical education leads to; success in society, success in school, highly developed intelligence and success in life.

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