Touring with the Tampa Bay Children’s Chorus

Each year the Tampa Bay Children’s Chorus organizes a tour for the members of the chorus and parent chaperones. Touring benefits the individual singer and the chorus as a whole. Singers learn to be part of a team, responsible, able to put aside individual preferences for the good of the whole, and to exercise leadership by nurturing others. The chorus become a cohesive, tightly-knit unit.

TBCC members experience different cultures and gain a wider perspective of the world that surrounds us. Many of our trips have been to foreign countries or involve a choral festival in which singers of other nationalities are involved. Our singers recognize that they are ambassadors of their own city, state, and nation, and grow individually as they seek to live up to that responsibility. They learn first-hand about other traditions, and they make friendships that sometimes last for years.

As they rise to meet the challenges of a performance tour, our singers and the choir as a whole, grow in experience, confidence and self-esteem. Plus, the chorus frequently combines with other choirs and works with renowned conductors, who bring the combined choirs to a musical level that individually they could not achieve.