TBCC’s 25th Anniversary featured in Tampa Tribune article

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TBCC’s 25th Anniversary celebration was recently featured in a Tampa Tribune article, which can be accessed by clicking on this link: http://tbo.com/northeast-tampa/tampa-bay-childrens-chorus-celebrates-silver-season-20130910/.

During the last 25 years TBCC has given many children in the Tampa Bay area opportunities to sing with professional orchestras, perform in major choral festivals, and share their music in concerts around the world. We are grateful to the support of our community, which has made it possible for us to offer these experiences to our young people!

TBCC performing with Scottish children's choir, St. Louis Children's Chorus, and Dr. Doreen Rao, CME Choral Institude, St. Andrew's Scotland, 2000

TBCC performing with Scottish children’s choir, St. Louis Children’s Chorus, and Dr. Doreen Rao, CME Choral Institute, St. Andrew’s Scotland, 2000